Personalization, the Next Step toward Employer Branding

By Tamara Tyree, Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing, Vanguard

Tamara Tyree, Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing, Vanguard

Think about the last time you made a significant purchase. You likely took the time to research the opinions of industry experts, read online reviews to better understand the pros and cons of the item, and even ask friends and family about their experiences with the product. Today, candidates treat the process of searching for a new career similar to other “buying” practices. This has significantly changed candidates’ expectations when it comes to engaging with employers during the recruiting process. Today’s job seekers not only interact with potential employers the way they engage with their favorite brands, they also have similar expectations when it comes to being served customized content from those companies.

Are you fully taking advantage of elements that create a great consumer experience when engaging with candidates?

"Engaging employees is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to advance your employer brand and attract quality talent"

Consider three ideas to get you started:

Personalize the experience for job seekers.

Candidates have high expectations for a company’s career site, and creating a personalized experience is a crucial first step in attracting top talent. Recognizing that candidates are accustomed to seeing recommended content on sites like Google, Amazon and online review forums, we decided to rethink the way in which we presented content during the job search journey. As part of this process we developed eight different candidate personas, each based on a critical talent segment, and then curated content specific to each persona. Now, a candidate interested in IT jobs who visits our career site is able to engage with IT-related content through video, blogs and recommended jobs. By providing easy-to-navigate content all in one page, we’re making the experience more robust, informative, engaging, and, most importantly, tailored to candidates.

Activate your best influencers–employees!

According to Edelman’s 2016 Trust Barometer, employees are your most trusted internal spokespeople. Current employees and alumni are the best advocates for your employer brand, so let them share their personal experiences as part of your recruitment marketing campaigns. When our employees (crew) share their experiences using Vanguard centric hashtags (#LifeAtVanguard, #VanguardGivesBack), candidates get a sense of what joining Vanguard is all about. This process has been embraced by our crew and has delivered a greater awareness of Vanguard’s employer brand. We have also seen a 20 percent increase in candidates who cite LinkedIn and social media channels as sources of influence when it comes to deciding whether to apply for a position. Engaging employees is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to advance your employer brand and attract quality talent.

Nurture your candidate networks with more than just job announcements.

One of the quickest ways to be muted by candidates is to only share job openings, and no additional content. This is especially true for millennial audiences. A few years ago, we launched a series of landing pages that included interview tips, employee overview videos, information about our benefits packages and the ways in which we serve our local communities – all things that are important to candidates as they consider an employer.

Nowadays, the consumerization of the online experience requires that employer brand teams focus on personalization, activating current employees as influencers, and sharing helpful and engaging content in order to stand out in an increasingly crowded talent market. Doing so increase your talent pool and sets you up for recruiting success.

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