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Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner, Alaant Workforce SolutionsMiriam Dushane, Managing Partner
“Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business.” Regardless of the industry vertical, the wisdom within this Richard Branson quote holds valuable implications in the competitive employee recruitment and retention landscape. As much as companies strive to align with this notion, without relevant employer brand strategies, their effort to attract, recruit, engage and retain premier employees to build a talent-driven, high-performing organization will be futile.

It is essential that an employer brand truly reflect the essence of a company’s work culture, according to Miriam Dushane, managing partner at Alaant Workforce Solutions. “Further, to fully reap the benefits of branding strategies in their entirety, management, HR, and employees in all departments across an organization have to be on the same page,” she says.

With demonstrated expertise in helping companies recruit and retain great employees for nearly 20 years— including being named to Forbes’ list of America’s Best Recruiting Firms for the past three consecutive years— Alaant has witnessed firsthand the impact that well-executed employer brand strategies can have on talent attraction, especially in today’s digital era. Recognizing this growing need for businesses, Dushane expanded Alaant’s portfolio to include full-fledged employer branding solutions. The company helps its clients build and promote employer brand-centric messaging from scratch, and also assists firms in reversing negative employer perceptions. The latter holds a heightened value proposition in the age of instantaneous online reviews and ratings.

To roll out well-aligned employer brand strategies, Alaant first goes about identifying its clients’ primary objectives—whether it’s attracting candidates, retaining employees, improving company reputation, or some combination thereof. It also makes sure that all key stakeholders within the company are in agreement with these objectives.

To roll out well-aligned employer brand strategies, Alaant first goes about identifying its clients’ primary objectives—whether it’s attracting candidates, retaining employees, improving company reputation, or some combination thereof

This part of the process is critical; if the HR team’s vision for creating an employer brand differs from that of management, its purpose and effectiveness will be severely undermined.

“What is being done, or not being done, that’s causing employees to leave? How are we portraying the company to the general public? What comes up if we are Googled? Answers to these questions are what we unearth during the discovery phase,” says Dushane. Alaant also surveys employees, evaluates job descriptions, and builds personas of ideal candidates that become part of a well-planned, multi-pronged, and continually fine-tuned messaging strategy – one that will successfully achieve the desired results.

Alaant doesn’t stop there. It continues to work with the company to ensure its messaging honestly conveys the work environment and culture. “Typically, within the first week on the job, most employees will have had some experience that makes them either doubt or believe the work culture is what their employer has promised,” says Dushane.“This often determines whether they’ll stay long or look to leave.” To this end, drawing from its rich recruiting experience, Alaant helps clients improve their approaches to employee hiring, onboarding, training, and retention. At the end of the day, candidates-turned-new-employees will receive a transparent perception of a clients’ work culture.

Importantly, and in stark contrast to its competitors, Alaant does not resort to using a “cookie-cutter” approach in serving their clients. From a small family business to a 1000+ employee corporation, and everything in between, Alaant recognizes that employer branding isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Its unique ability to offer customized and tailored employer brand strategies has enabled the firm to establish a national footprint in a very short time span. And, as an SHRM Certified Professional and PHR with more than 20 years of human resources experience, Dushane continues to transform the company into one whose services align best with the evolving needs of both employees and employers.
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Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

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