Blu Ivy Group: The Architects of Holistic Employer Branding and Culture Transformation

Stacy Parker, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Blu Ivy GroupStacy Parker, Co-Founder and Managing Director
When it comes to the term “employer branding,” many businesses consider it to be synonymous with recruitment marketing. And so, despite investments aimed at enhancing how they attract and interact with their potential hires, they fail to create their desired results. Why?
“Employer Brand Strategy, by definition, is the process of managing and influencing your reputation and experience as an employer. It really encompasses everything a company does to position the organization as an employer of choice.

Unfortunately, today, many companies make the mistake of investing in an EVP and Employer Brand solution only to solve recruitment challenges. If employer brand strategy is not integrated into the entire people and culture strategy, it becomes no more than an exercise in refreshing a career site or advertising the best of what a company job currently offers. The real opportunity with employer branding is that it can transform workplace reputation, experience, awareness, and performance for the better,” states Stacy Parker, co-founder of Blu Ivy Group. At Blu Ivy, we build a holistic Employer Brand System that includes candidate and employee experience, recruitment marketing, workplace culture, DEI, leadership, and transformation solutions aligned to the client’s EVP and business objectives.

Under the Hood of Blu Ivy

“We ensure that our clients’ EVP is experienced and top of mind at each touchpoint in the organization and talent lifecycle. This ensures greater sustainability and authenticity not just to the brand and recruitment marketing, but to the lived talent and ultimately customer experience” highlights Stacy. It is not surprising that many of Blu Ivy’s clients win top employer brand, culture, and engagement awards in their respective fields.
Blu Ivy also offers dashboard analytics for clients to ensure they can track the impact of their employer brand results. “This real-time and data-driven approach to managing and benchmarking employer brand and culture efforts, is key to realizing the impact on business performance,” says Stacy.

We build holistic employer brand and culture strategies that align the EVP, with talent experience, leadership, organizational, recruitment marketing, reputation, brand and change management solutions

The Impact of Blu Ivy’s Employer Branding Strategies

Elaborating on how Blu Ivy’s innovative and proactive steps help its clients improve employer branding, Stacy shares the success story of Sephora. As the prestige retail beauty trailblazer expanded globally, it was important for them to have a cohesive ‘House Employer Brand’ strategy to help each region attract, retain, and engage with local talents. We are uncovering the Employee Value Proposition, manifesto role, and regional key messaging, and aligned it to their culture strategy and parent brand. The codified strategy and creative employer brand toolkit are deeply integrated with Sephora’s vision, values, behaviors, and purpose, and solves for a top employee experience. “We worked with global and regional leadership to activate a fabulous external culture storytelling program and creative, while at the same time providing solutions for the candidate and employee experience, DEIB and leadership efforts, and HR program alignment. Going the extra mile, Blu Ivy also regularly measures the talent market to note improvements to the employer brand preference and sentiment for Sephora. “They have had some of the strongest results we have seen in the industry. Whether it is improved reputation, a jump in talent applications, massive efficiencies in recruitment and sourcing efforts, engagement, pride, retention, eNPS, ambassadorship, brand preference, or customer experience, they have exceeded each KPI set forth. They are a true example of how to do employer branding to drive long-term impact, “says Stacy.

The Work Culture at Blu Ivy

With a ‘practice what you preach’ attitude, Blu Ivy not only helps its clients develop a magnetic employer brand image but also exercises the same within their own turf. The Blu Ivy management team treats every employee as a family member and fulfills their professional needs proactively. There is no hierarchy here, the team collaboration, innovation, and client passion inspire us daily. From organizing consistent team events, development programs, lunches, belonging exercises, and Friday afternoons off, we are always seeking ways to better support, elevate and celebrate our employees,” adds Stacy.
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Blu Ivy Group

Blu Ivy Group

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Stacy Parker, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Blu Ivy Group is a global leader in employer branding, organizational culture, and recruitment marketing. We help organizations across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors build extraordinary employee experiences, magnetic employer brands and high-performance cultures. From C-Suite to Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition leadership, we partner with our clients to transform their organizations and design the most compelling workplaces of the future.