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Crystal McKinsey, CEO, McKinsey’s CMO GroupCrystal McKinsey, CEO
Let this serve as an open letter to human resource professionals, hiring managers, recruiters, and anyone involved with the hiring process—we are in a brutal war for talent. Surprisingly, many organizations still cling to antiquated ways of hiring, which clearly no longer work.

Ridiculously long job descriptions, frustrating, glitchy and invasive application processes, interview cycles that drag on for far, far too long, ghosting and low-ball offers compound the problem.

Companies should understand that candidates are often current or future customers--and should be treated accordingly. Candidates also research employers extensively prior to applying. What they find, (or do not find), may prevent qualified, dynamic individuals from reply to your job posts.

In such a scenario, the traditional recruiting method fails to strike the right chord with the ideal candidates. The challenges are compounded when it comes to engaging passive candidates, whom must be directly approached and educated about opportunities. That’s where Crystal McKinsey’s “CMO Group” comes in.

The New York-based company positions enterprises as employers of choice by sharing their brand stories and highlighting points of differentiation that matter to candidates in a competitive hiring market. This ultimately translates to their delivering remarkable talent. “We offer results-driven, leading-edge recruitment strategies to connect clients with talented applicants whom can bring them significant value,” mentions Crystal McKinsey, CEO of CMO Group.

Matching Great Brands with Great People

CMO Group provides direct recruitment services, as well as, employer public relations, marketing and brand reputation management. Their direct recruitment services assist clients in broadening their search for the best candidates in their network and on the market. “We offer efficient recruitment strategies that pair great candidates with great companies,” says Crystal.

Further, through its integrated marketing and brand reputation management services, CMO Group shares stories and news about and brands employment opportunities and recruitment process through press releases, social media, influencer marketing, videography and events. CMO Group ensures that the employer brand is presented in the most positive light for increased visibility and improved credibility among potential candidates.

We offers results-driven, leading-edge recruitment strategies to connect clients with the talent who can bring significant value

Customer-centric Approach

The CMO Group team initiates the client onboarding process with a discovery call to understand their work culture and key differentiating factors. It then focuses on the job descriptions and the requisites of the specific roles. “At this point, we assign an account executive to manage the talent search for the specific job profile,” says Crystal. “You can make it or break it with a first impression on a candidate; to that end, we have trained and self-motivated professionals experienced in engaging and energizing candidates about the firms they represent.” Clients usually approach CMO Group to recruit candidates for multiple job positions at a time. For each job position, team CMO Group works directly with the clients’ hiring managers. “Usually, we deliver the first round of candidates within seven business days, and then the recruitment process progresses depending upon the clients’ plans,” adds Crystal.

A global athletic company, in an instance, approached CMO Group looking for a deserved candidate for the position of vice president for its HR department. The essential requisites for the candidate were to effectively oversee the company’s legal, recruiting, and hiring aspects in addition to handling its culture and people. CMO Group provided them with an ideal candidate who was previously unaware their dream role with this company was even available.

Growing with the Industry Needs

Work culture is another key area of focus for CMO Group in all its client engagements. The company ensures that its clients demonstrate a work culture that is attuned to the expectations of the candidates. Trusted by industry-leading brands throughout the country, CMO Group is currently expanding its competent team in response to the growing demand for top talent. CMO Group’s expanded team will recruit talent across industries and verticals, both nationally and abroad. This diverse team brings insight and expertise to recruit candidates whom not only meet a brand’s hiring requirements but who bring an entrepreneurial spirit, energy, and self-motivation. They seek purpose-driven people who have passions and interests outside of work that fuel their professional success.

“CMO Group sees the rising demand for top talent as an opportunity to bolster our team and further build our capabilities,” informs Crystal. “In today’s competitive job market, recruitment marketing is a vital method to discover and attract candidates. Candidates have become more digital, mobile, and social in how they search for potential employers; our recruiting practices must evolve to become as strategic and nuanced as any integrated marketing communications campaign.”
Having carved a unique niche in the employer branding and recruiting space through its innovative, integrated approach and talented team, CMO Group is redefining recruitment; disrupting an industry poised for a makeover, one placement at a time.
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McKinsey’s CMO Group

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Crystal McKinsey, CEO

CMO Group matches great brands with great people through its marketing approach to recruitment. The company’s areas of specialization include: executive searches, sales, marketing, tech, finance, HR, healthcare and education. The company’s team procures talent utilizing a variety of progressive and traditional methodologies seeking whenever possible to engage passive candidates whom are not actively applying for positions. through its the integrated marketing and brand reputation management service, the company’s team monitors the client’s positive reviews, posts them in career sites, job boards, social media, blogs, and PR outreach, and responds to queries on their behalf