Recruitics: Demystifying Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Josh Gampel, CE  Julie Calli, Chief Marketing Officer, RecruiticsJosh Gampel, CE Julie Calli, Chief Marketing Officer Developing a recruitment marketing strategy is not as easy as it may sound; it is an art and skill in its own right. Historically, businesses used recruitment marketing strategies that were straightforward, such as a simple job post on a job site stating the eligibility criteria and location. Even though it may have been effective in the past, expecting the same outcome in today’s digital era where the array of advertising channels, outlets, and technologies is vast is quite impractical.

Today, employer branding has become a foundational part of recruitment marketing strategies as organizations are under great pressure to deliver and promote the right message or story to attract top talent. With the high demands for talent amidst a labor shortage, it has never been so important to provide a personalized experience across every stage of the candidate and employee journey to attract, hire, and retain workforce.

Employers are looking for ways to enhance their recruitment advertising, strengthen their brand visibility and awareness, reach potential candidates, and beat out competition to attract top talent. However, employers may lack the required experience, expertise, and technology, needing a reliable partner who can help keep them in lockstep with the latest and most prevalent employee needs, thereby ensuring the delivery of highly impactful employer branding.

Recruitics, a Connecticut-based recruitment marketing agency, aims to help companies make it easy to build the right recruitment marketing strategy, stay ahead of the curve, and make informed decisions. With a suite of recruitment marketing solutions powered by first-of-their-kind job programmatic and analytics platforms, Recruitics offers a uniquely holistic, tailored, and data-driven approach to employer branding.

The Journey to Simplifying Recruitment

Founded in 2012, Recruitics made a name for itself in the talent acquisition space as the provider of the industry’s first recruitment marketing analytics and job programmatic buying platform. “Our platform was designed to help employers understand the performance of their jobs, eliminate time-consuming processes through automation, and enable efficient hiring of great talent,” says Josh Gampel, CEO of Recruitics.
As the industry and the needs of their clients evolved, however, Recruitics began to evolve in turn, continually adding new features, products, and services to their roster. Though Recruitics started as a provider of advanced recruitment technology, they have since grown to become a fullservice recruitment marketing agency and the industry’s leading provider of talent attraction solutions for the Fortune 1000.

The mission at Recruitics is to “make it easy for the world’s leading brands to attract and hire great talent,” and they credit their ability to deliver world-class results for their clients to their unique approach.

Our Expertbacked Employer Branding Services Help Clients Build An Employee Value Proposition (Evp) That’s Authentic, Compelling, Convincing, And Reflects Their Unique Story

While Recruitics has many recruitment solutions in their wheelhouse, Gampel shares that employer branding “is a foundational component of recruitment marketing success. It’s the piece of the puzzle that brings everything together.

Talent acquisition is a very people-focused industry, and your employer brand is the story you tell to create a meaningful connection between people and your business.”
Their recipe for success marries data-driven strategy with powerful storytelling, supported by an innovative team of industry experts and award-winning technology.

Transforming Talent Attraction

As the talent acquisition industry continues to undergo rapid transformation, it has never been more important for businesses to tell an authentic and compelling story about who they are as employers.
In the current hiring landscape, many employers are facing record-level labor shortages. Gampel references a recent release from the Bureau of Labor statistics that found that job openings are still at 10.4 million in the US, and reflects on the impact saying, “This is why employer branding has never been more important. It uncovers what makes your company unique and showcases what it’s like to be a part of your organization, which is paramount when remaining competitive.”

With people spending more time online and researching prospective employers, companies should consider virtualization. To elaborate, companies need to invest in more resources and platforms for reading and writing employee reviews. This way, employees can easily share their experience working at your company, and potential candidates can learn what it’s like to work for you. Reviews also allow companies to receive feedback from current employees, which will tell where there is room to improve as an employer. All of this is essential, since studies have shown that Gen Z and Millennials care more about a company’s values and ethics.

Additionally, with the right employer branding strategies in place, you’ll create a human connection between people and your brand, which will make you stand out in the saturated market. When you invest in your brand, you can not only attract qualified candidates, but also improve retention of current employees. Since it’s a jobseeker’s market, the messaging you have should place your current and prospective employees at the center of the story you’re telling.

  • Your Employer Brand Is The Story You Tell To Create A Meaningful Connection Between People And Your Business

Delivering Holistic Employer Branding Management

According to Gampel, one of the main reasons that recruitment marketing campaigns fail is a lack of focused and compelling messaging.content is all about the company and their view of what makes them a great business rather than a great employer,” Gampel elaborates.“Most recruitment marketing “A disconnect happens when there is a lack of clarity regarding what your target audience is really looking to hear from you and where their priorities lie. Understanding what candidates are looking for and the messaging that will actually appeal to your audience requires that you stay up to date on trends, understand your target market, do your research, and test your content.”

Discovering what your prospective candidates want to know, learning more about the values your current workforce feels you deliver as an employer, and determining how to align these elements with the story you want to tell is a significant milestone, but your employer branding journey shouldn’t stop there. As Gampel explains, “the success of your employer branding strategies depends on so much more than what you have to say. You need to truly understand the people you’re seeking to speak to, how to effectively communicate your story to them, when and where you’ll have the most success reaching and engaging them, and how to measure and analyze performance data so you know where you’re excelling and where you have room for improvement.”

The Recruitics portfolio comprises three core solutions: employer branding, recruitment advertising, and recruitment technology. The company’s recruitment advertising solutions offer access to customized recruitment media strategies informed by target audience, channel performance metrics, market data, and current/upcoming trends. Meanwhile, their programmatic advertising and analytics platforms paint a unified picture of overall performance, which allows employers to measure the success of their strategies, media sources, advertisements, content, and messaging, providing datadriven insights for optimization and improvement.

• Programmatic tech takes the guesswork out of targeting and helps identify where you you’re most likely to connect with your audience
• Data and analytics can tell you more about the content and messaging that inspires your audience to engage and convert
• Recruitment advertising helps you get the message across in the right place at the right time, with experts to support you and guide your next move Services under the company’s employer branding suite help clients leverage best practices with respect to building their career sites, company profiles, and even social media engagement channels.

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