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It is the brand identity of a company that makes a clarion call to the target audience. Drawing parallels, the brand identity of an employer plays a major role in a job seeker joining their workforce. Along with the salary and benefits, talents in today’s market expect an endearing workplace to connect with emotionally. With online employer reviews on sites like Glassdoor challenging the reputation of a company, organizations are making grassroots level changes for improving employee engagement and attract new talents. Employer branding has become the single most important strategy for organizations to define their culture and build an award-winning workplace. As champions of brand value upliftment, Blu Ivy Group helps clients build loyalty, retention, and happiness among their employees. “To build a brand that employees love, we cover an ensemble of services such as training leaders and building purpose, vision, and values for the organization,” begins Leandra Harris, co-founder and managing director of Blu Ivy.

To understand their employer brand value better, organizations need to know how they are perceived internally and externally, and how they fare against other employers. Insights helping with these questions can help in creating an ideal workplace ideal. “We offer an employer brand dashboard that analyzes the strength of an employer’s brand value. It keeps a tab on how their reputation is improving and charts the pathway for attracting talents,” adds Stacy Parker, co-founder and managing director of Blu Ivy.

The duo also agrees that a single template of building employer brand won’t suit all workspaces, as the expectations vary. For instance, the requirement of an IT professional can flexible but dynamic work environment and challenging work goals, whereas an employee in the retail space will expect stability, camaraderie, and perks. While employers seek out what the Gen Z wants, that view is myopic and monotonous. “Blu Ivy helps an organization in finding how unique it is and what employees value the most,” says Leandra.

The flagship offering of Blu Ivy is the Brand Ambassador Program.

To build a brand that employees love, we cover an ensemble of services such as training leaders and building purpose, vision, and values for the organization

Top talents from within the company are selected and empowered by the employers to communicate Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and given responsibilities to remove any brand value threats. They share pictures and stories through social media, to build an authentic groundswell of an employer brand and culture. Leaders obtain recommendations from them and take further steps to improve the culture. This holistic approach of Blu Ivy helps it to consistently deliver reports on the functioning of leaders and the areas of improvement.

Blu Ivy has worked with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, which showcases their expertise in the field. Back in early 2015, one of their clients, a prominent multinational retail clothing company, wanted to drive employee engagement. Moreover, as they were expanding their bricks and mortar footprint, they needed to ensure that the best Canadian retail talents desired to join the company and stay to build lasting careers. After Blu Ivy’s magic with extensive EVP research, Brand Ambassador Program, and content marketing spanning over 12 months, their client rose among ranks as a preferred place of work. Employee engagement rose by 18 percent and social media talent applications rose by 500 percent in less than six months. The quality of candidates improved according to leadership, thereby boosting performance and share of wallet in the market. The success of these Blu Ivy programs has resulted in the retailer expanding the employer brand platform across North America.

Blu Ivy continues to expand the capabilities of their SaaS-based culture and employer brand dashboard further to ensure that clients have the vital insights, reports, and strategic recommendations needed to make data driven and strategic talent brand decisions. With Blu Ivy gaining global recognition, it is steadily treading along the path to break into the top employer branding service and solution provider space
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Blu Ivy Group

Ontario, Canada

Leandra Harris, MD & Co-Founder and Stacy Parker, MD & Co-Founder

Blu Ivy is an employer branding and employee engagement consultancy that builds award winning cultures and authentic employer brands. They help organizations emotionally and honestly connect with both job seekers and employees, in turn driving tangible business results. By providing creative communications, digital and social media talent strategies, brand ambassador programs and employer branding videos, they help ensure organizations connect emotionally with talent at all levels. Most importantly, they deliver results that impact the bottom line and provide a competitive advantage required for organizations to thrive in the new world of work