Universum: Data-Driven Strategic Approach To Employer Branding

Top 10 Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

A strong employer brand is imperative for enterprises looking to attract top talent, from a highly-competitive pool of millennial candidates. Unlike traditional methodologies adopted for employer branding, employers today focus on having a consistent presence on multiple platforms and follow a proactive communication approach to devising a technology-powered employer branding strategy. With an aim to present their company image as bold, valuable, vibrant and unique, employers are leveraging the latest technologies for various aspects—from designing and creating a smart career site and email marketing campaign, boosting their social media presence to using robust data analytics and integrations with popular hiring platforms.

To support enterprises in this journey, employer branding consulting/services companies play an instrumental role in helping enterprises align their employee value proposition (EVP) with their organization’s core value, mission, and vision. The employer branding consultants are equipping these organizations with data and information about the kind of work environment Gen-Z employees would prefer. They also efficiently design the branding strategy according to each company’s specific needs and goals.

In the changing landscape of employer branding, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 employer branding consulting/services companies that empower organizations to keep up with the smart and sophisticated employer branding trends. We are glad to feature Sweden-based Universum, one of the largest consulting firms for employer branding worldwide. Universum delivers the critical talent market insights, winning branding strategies, and compelling story-led communication that organizations require to develop a successful employer branding strategy for the new-age talent market. Another company is Canada-based Blu Ivy, which helps organizations in understanding those factors that are unique in them and the aspects that their employees value the most. Blu Ivy’s flagship offering is its Brand Ambassador Program. We also bring to you the story of Strategy House, a company in Wisconsin that facilitates the sharing of its clients’ vision, mission, work culture, community engagement, and core values through social platforms and websites. On the other hand, there is Alaant Workforce Solutions that is helping its clients build efficient employer branding strategies for almost the past 20 years. We have also got to cover two New York-based companies: McKinsey CMO Group and Havas. While McKinsey CMO Group provides result-driven, leading-edge recruitment strategies to connect clients with the talent, Havas helps the top-notch organizations in the world with various branding and marketing strategies—including employer branding strategies—assorted under one roof.

While innovative ideas and strategies for better employer branding are penetrating the market every day, it is becoming more challenging for enterprises to decide which trend to follow and which consultant to reach out to. We hope this issue of HR Tech Outlook helps you decide the correct strategy and find the right partner that would assist your company in succeeding as an employer brand.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies 2019”.

    Top Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies

  • The company helps its clients build and promote employer brand-centric messaging from scratch, and also assists firms in reversing negative employer perceptions. The latter holds a heightened value proposition in the age of instantaneous online reviews and ratings. To roll out well-aligned employer brand strategies, Alaant first goes about identifying its clients’ primary objectives—whether it’s attracting candidates, retaining employees, improving company reputation, or some combination thereof. It also makes sure that all key stakeholders within the company are in agreement with these objectives. This part of the process is critical; if the HR team’s vision for creating an employer brand differs from that of management, its purpose and effectiveness will be severely undermined

  • Blu Ivy is an employer branding and employee engagement consultancy that builds award winning cultures and authentic employer brands. They help organizations emotionally and honestly connect with both job seekers and employees, in turn driving tangible business results. By providing creative communications, digital and social media talent strategies, brand ambassador programs and employer branding videos, they help ensure organizations connect emotionally with talent at all levels. Most importantly, they deliver results that impact the bottom line and provide a competitive advantage required for organizations to thrive in the new world of work

  • Havas People provides consultancy services to build the strongest connections between people and brands through employer marketing, internal communications strategies, student and recruitment marketing. A part of Havas Group—one of the world’s largest advertising and communication networks—Havas People offers services leveraging its unique methodology named ‘Meaningful Brands’. The methodology helps in identifying the core values of a brand and how they affect people. This also provides deeper insights into the candidate experience and expectations regarding the career and purpose they seek

  • CMO Group matches great brands with great people through its marketing approach to recruitment. The company’s areas of specialization include: executive searches, sales, marketing, tech, finance, HR, healthcare and education. The company’s team procures talent utilizing a variety of progressive and traditional methodologies seeking whenever possible to engage passive candidates whom are not actively applying for positions. through its the integrated marketing and brand reputation management service, the company’s team monitors the client’s positive reviews, posts them in career sites, job boards, social media, blogs, and PR outreach, and responds to queries on their behalf

  • Strategy House brings to the table services directed toward employer branding and brand management, with decades of experience working with manufacturers on their journey through digital transformation. The company is focused on telling the story of American manufacturing, which forms the backbone of the economy. The processes and services of Strategy House have an immense impact on not only attracting candidates to clients’ businesses but also ensuring the right fit for the job. The company works to align their clients’ brands with their vision and culture and translate it to the digital realm. Strategy House is a manufacturer’s one-stop-shop for digital transformation and brand management

  • The primary mission of Universum is to create the best possible match between employers and talent by providing knowledge, guidance, and actionable insights. Universum makes it possible to create a better talent market, contribute to the success of expertise and employers, and ultimately to a better world. Founded in 1988, Universum is a trusted partner to over 1,200 clients and 1,500 universities worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies and internationally renowned academic institutions. They help employers to understand, attract, and retain current and future ideal employees utilizing their experience, knowledge, and services within research, strategic consulting, and media solutions

  • Brandemix


    Headquartered in New York, Brandemix is a leading marketing boutique that connects talent to culture through advertising, branding, marketing, employer branding, communications, and public relations across all print and digital channels. The services provided by Brandemix are Strategy, Creative Execution, Consulting, Education, Non-Profit, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Internal Communications, Employer Branding, Internal and External Research, Mobile, and Brand Development and Activation. Whether it's creating uniquely different brand architecture, employer value proposition, designing multi-tiered interactive websites and digital marketing campaigns, or hosting media tours and events, the company gets the company to help its clients

  • Recruitics


    Recruitics is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles CA, Wilton CT, and London UK. Established in 2012, Recruitics is a privately held company. It is a data-centric recruitment marketing agency that makes it easy for the world's leading brands to attract and hire great talent. The company deals with recruitment, recruitment marketing, recruitment analytics, web analytics, recruitment advertising, job distribution, recruitment marketing analytics, pay-per-click recruitment marketing, performance-based recruitment marketing, programmatic job advertising, talent attraction, talent acquisition, targeted job advertising, employer branding, employer brand awareness advertising, candidate sourcing, candidate engagement, and human resources

  • Shaker


    Celebrating 65 years in the industry, Shaker offers unbiased recommendations informed by a familial business model of trust, passion, and an unwavering commitment to clients' success. Headquartered in Oak Park, Shaker is a full-service recruitment marketing agency specializing in highly customized solutions for attracting and retaining the right talent, including authentic employer branding, exceptionally creative, and innovative digital experiences. Shaker provides services like Employer Branding, Web Design/Development, Internal Communications, Candidate Attraction, Strategic Planning, and Measurement. Their guiding principle is more vital than ever, given the increasing number of media, tools, and technology available to employers and employees

  • Wunderman Thompson

    Wunderman Thompson

    Wunderman is a full-service agency creating pioneering ideas in employer branding, employee communications, and recruitment advertising for the world's leading companies. They believe that when companies understand, live, and share their cultures, they naturally attract the best talent and engage employees to deliver innovative solutions that change the world. Wunderman deals with internal communications, recruitment advertising, brand activation, EVP, digital, intranet, search engine marketing, career sites, employee engagement, performance management, recruitment marketing, employer brand, employee communication, and talent acquisition. Their clients include T-Mobile, Dignity Health, Turner Broadcasting, UCLA Health, ANN Inc. (Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lou & Grey), Global Brands Group, the U.S. Department of State and many more